How does this product help my putting?

The Putting Perfecter is the most unique training aid to come to the market in years. Proper set up at putting address leads to the proper stroke and The Putting Perfecter insures that you start with the perfect putting set-up. The Putting Perfecter’s unique design aids the player with the correct set-up with the right elbow (right handed golfers) and arm being under the left forearm at address. The connection to the body provided by The Putting Perfecter allows the golfer rock his or her shoulders like a pendulum without any hand or arm manipulation.

Why should I purchase The Putting Perfecter?

Training with The Putting Perfecter engrains the proper relationship between body, arms and stroke and over time with practice it creates incredible muscle memory in a very short period of time.

Can The Putting Perfecter be used in other ways to improve my game other than putting?

The Putting Perfecter gives the golfer the advantage to train correctly in the fundamentals of the putting set-up but it also provides significant benefit in chipping as well for the same reasons of connecting the body and arms to eliminate extra movement and manipulation. The Putting perfecter enables the player to build the proper relationship of shoulders and arms working as one during the stroke.

Which tour players have been seen with The Putting Perfecter?

Austin Cook 

Kevin Streelman

Sung Lang